*****Training Classes starting on Wednesday, June 9*****

1.  Puppy Perfect Training Class (under 1 year of age)

       You will learn:

  • develop improved comminication skills with your puppy
  • ways to work both your puppy's body and mind
  • good manners, attention/focus work, coming when called
  • training and communicating with your puppy in an active environment (other dogs present)
  • to play with your puppy using both positive and motivational techniques
  • dogs must be under 1 year of age to be eligible for this class, class size is limited
  • 35 minutes of training, followed by 10 minutes of group puppy play
  • All covid precautions and social distancing rules must be followed.

    Next session starting: Wednesday, June 9, 2021 (6:00PM-6:45PM).  An additional class at 7:00PM will be added if required.

Cost:  $150 for 5 weeks (+hst)    

Email us @ rrpetparadise@hotmail.com to reserve your spot!


   *****Exciting News at R& R Pet Paradise!*****

We are now offering board & train!

Board and train can be a very valuable tool in many different situations:

  • for a new puppy that you want to start out on the right paw
  • a new addition (young or old) and are already recognizing issues that you are unable to correct
  • if you have a dog that has behavioral issues that have become a chronic problem


1.  Great Dog Foundation Skills ($1000 + hst)
     (2 week duration)

Focus & Attention

  • comes when their name is called (focusing on speed and reliabilty)
  • eager to please, wanting to work with you for reward
  • once focus is acheived, improving the duration and attention with the addition of distractions

Good Manners

  • sit and wait for your verbal release at any doorways/gates
  • when entering the house, learn to come in and sit to have paws wiped (if dirty) and receive reward
  • proper leash walking (no pulling or mouthing)
  • learn not to jump up on people
  • impulse control ("leave it" with food, toys, etc)
  • work on sit stays and down stays

Crate Training

  • willingness to go into crate and settle once in the crate
  • will not exit crate until verbal release is given

2.  Excellent Dog Foundation Skills ($1400 +hst)
      (3 week duration)

This package includes Great Dog Foundation Skills, with the addition of the following:

  • overall fine-tuning of the skills learned during the first 2 weeks (attention, manners, leash skills)
  • impressive recall with distractions including other dogs
  • sit and down stays of up to a 1-minute duration
  • sending to crate or a mat (ideal skill to use during "your" meal times)

All of our training methods are performed using positive reinforcement.  Verbal markers indicate good behaviour and reward is in the form or food and/or praise.

During your dog's stay the training protocol will be customized to you and your dog's needs.  Additionally, your dog will be socialized with other dogs and enjoy daily playtimes (recess break from "school") that is an integral part to the success of the program.

To ensure that your dog retains what they learn and that old issues are corrected, we require that your dog stays with us for a minimum of 2 weeks.  Refresher stays of 1 week will be considered, but only after the 2-week session has been completed ($500 + hst).  In addition to the actual time spent at our facility, we will also provide a video demonstrating the proper behaviours your dog has learned (for your reference at home), as well as a complimentary 1/2 hour follow-up lesson at our facility to review how you have kept up with the training.

Feel free to call (519-338-2223) or email us at rrpetparadise@hotmail.com for more details and to discuss the program best suited for your situation.

General Information for Group Training Classes (Spring-Fall only):

  • all classes will run regardless of the weather (R&R will decide the day of if class is cancelled due to extreme weather conditions)
  • any classes cancelled by R&R will be made up the following week
  • all classes are held outdoors in a secure environment, however the ability to work with other dogs in the same are is required
  • dogs must be kept in control at all times
  • proof of up-to-date vaccinations are required, including Bordetella (kennel cough)

Private Training Sessions (year round):

  • we cater the lesson to your needs (good manners, behavioural, dog sports, etc)
  • lessons are done at our location (outdoors in fenced in yard)
  • no commitment is required for additional lessons (pay as you go)
  • the cost of a 1/2 hour lesson is $40 (+hst)

Disc Dog Seminars:
  • instruction from World Champion level trainers
  • we offer private or 1-2 day group seminars
  • we have travelled all over North America (and Brazil) sharing our knowledge and expertise
  • please contact us via email or phone (519 338-2223) for more details