At this point and time we have no group lessons offered.  If you are interested in private lessons that cover the details below, please send us an email to schedule a lesson.

"Puppy Love Training Class"
This class is a great way to start your puppy on their road to success!  You will develop improved communication skills with your young dog, as well as working both their body and mind.  Not only will good manners be covered, but also coming when called, attention work as well as learning to play with your dog using both positive and motivational techniques.  Dogs must be under 1 year of age to be eligible for this class. 

    "Introduction to Dog Sports/ Novice Agility"
    This class is geared towards teaching you to "play" with your dog, as well as building drive, focus and attention. This class is open to all age groups and although the ability to work off-leash is desirable, it is not required. During this session you will be introduced to different aspects of agility, including familiarization with basic agility equipment (jumps, tunnels) as well as impulse control and teaching your dog to "think". This class is ideal for people who want to "harness" their dog's excess energy, or if you just want to develop a stronger bond between you and your dog.  Note: this class will only run with sufficient registrations.

    Private Training Sessions:

    • we cater the lesson to your needs (good manners, behavioural, dog sports, etc)
    • lessons are done at our location (outdoors in fenced in yard)
    • no commitment is required for additional lessons (pay as you go)
    • the cost of a 1/2 hour lesson is $40 (+hst)

    Disc Dog Seminars:
    • instruction from World Champion level trainers
    • we offer private or 1-2 day group seminars
    • we have travelled all over North America (and Brazil) sharing our knowledge and expertise
    • please contact us via email or phone (519 338-2223) for more details