Our Dogs

Brew was adopted from Border Collie Rescue of Ontario.

Deviant was adopted from a foster home in Indiana.

Gypsy (re-home) & Destin are from Chaparral Kennels in Millbrook, Ontario.

Hiccup was adopted from Earthdog Terrier Rescue of Manitoba.

Vector was re-homed and is co-owned with OffOn Border Collies in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ticket was adopted from Hull's Haven Border Collie Rescue in Manitoba.

Boulder was adopted from Newf Friends Newfoundland Dog Rescue in Ontario.

Jovi was adopted fromĀ Border Collie Rescue of Ontario.

All of our dogs are using product supplied by CEVA (Sashas Blend, Pro-Gut, Douxo shampoo and ear wipes).

We are proudly sponsored by Rayne Clinical Nutrition and they keep our dogs healthy and in prime competition shape!