General Rules

  • All dogs must be kept on leash and in control unless they are competing in the arena.
  • If a dog eliminates while competing, the team may continue to play (you will not be eliminated), but time will not stop.
  • Any disc approved for dogs may be used. If you have any questions, please ask the judge before competing.

Single Disc Class Rules

  • Each team has 2, 1-minute rounds to accumulate as many points as possible.
  • We will be using an automatic timer.  The line judge will confirm the handler is ready and then will activate the electronic timer.  The dog cannot cross the start line and the handler cannot throw the disc until after "Ready, Set, GO".  The round starts once the "GO" is spoken.  Time will be announced at "30 sec", "10 sec", and "5,4,3,2,1, time".
  • Catches will be scored after time is over, as long as the throw was made before time was called.

Scoring is as follows:
0-10 yards = 0 point (1 point for micro dogs)
10-20 yards = 2 points
20-30 yards = 3 points
30+ yards = 4 points

  • 1/2 point bonus if the catch is made while all 4 paws are clearly off the ground.
  • BONUS ZONE: There will be a ~10x10 ft square marked in the middle of the field (at ~25 yards for novice/intermediate and ~35 yards for advanced). If the catch is made and any paw falls within the bonus zone, an extra 1 point will be awarded.
  • There is no out of bounds. If the disc hits any part of the building and the dog catches the disc, the catch is scored where the dog lands.
  • Points are scored only when the disc is caught and the thrower must be behind the start line when the throw is made.
  • If the catch is made with the dog’s paws landing in more than 1 scoring zone, the higher scoring zone will be counted. Tips will be scored where the catch is made.

Definitions (to be used as guideline only when deciding what class to enter)
Novice Single Disc = You have been competing for under 1 year, and/or have not placed in a novice class.
Intermediate Single Disc = You have placed in a novice class and/or have competed for at least 1 year.
Advanced Single Disc = You have competed for several years, placed in an intermediate class, and/or placed in what used to be considered "Advanced" (before we offered 3 levels).
Junior Single Disc = You are under 15 years of age on the day of the competition.
Microdog = Under 16 inches at the withers. A mini disc must be used in order to be eligible for this division.

Note: 1 dog can play with more than 1 person at this competition.  If you have any questions about what classes to enter, please email me at  We recommend that your level of play is determined by the skill of the handler, not the dog.

Progressive Target Disc

  • 1 dog, 1 person, 1 disc, 4 throws
  • There are 3 marked target areas (~8x8 ft) at the 10, 20 and 30 yard line
  • You are attempting to get a catch in the 10 yard target, followed by the 20 yard target and then the 30 yard target, IN THAT ORDER.  Your last throw can be made to any of the target zones.
  • If the dog catches the disc with at least 1 paw landing in the target zone, you earn the following points (10 yard = 4 points, 20 yard = 6 points, 30 yard = 8 points).
  • If a catch is made, but it is not in the desired target zone, you earn 1 point for that catch.
  • You must throw to the 10 yard target on your 1st throw, 20 yard target on your 2nd throw, 30 yard target on your 3rd throw and 4th throw is to your target zone choice.  For example, if you get a catch in the 20 yard target on your 1ST throw, it will not count.
  • **BONUS**  If you throw anything other than a backhand throw, OR throw with your opposite hand, your points are doubled for that catch.
  • Although it is not a timed event, the maximum time to complete 4 throws is ~1 minute.
  • There is NO bonus points for catches made in the air (all 4 paws off the ground).

Novice & Advanced Freestyle Class Rules (1 round)

Novice = 90 seconds
Advanced = 120 seconds

1. You may use up to a maximum of 10 discs in the routine. However, you get 0.25 bonus point for each disc less you use under 10. For example, if you use 6 discs, you get 1 bonus point (1.25 points max).
2. Any disc that has been approved for canine use may be used. If you have any questions, please ask the judge prior to competing.
3. Elements performed after the 90 sec (novice) or 120 sec (advanced) time limit will not be scored.  You must play for at least 60 sec (novice) or 90 sec (advanced) for a score to be given.
4. A “pre-routine” is optional (20 seconds maximum). This is where freestyle moves may be performed, but no discs are thrown. The official routine time will start once the first disc is released.
5. Choice of music must not be offensive to any of the participants or audience.
6. Costume is optional. Although not scored, costume may have an impact on the overall “wow” mark. Costume must not negatively impact the safety of the dog.
7. Judges are all volunteers, so please be patient and understanding with them.
8. Placings will be determined by highest overall score. Ties will be broken with the handler who has the highest “WOW” score.
9. All score sheets will be returned to the competitor. Although the judges decisions are final, please feel free to approach the trial host at the end of the class of you have any questions/concerns. This is a learning experience for all those involved.
10. This class is open to ANYONE (dog must be at least 1 year of age).

A. Required Elements (10 points total)
Must complete 5 out of the 7 listed elements. Scored as 2 points for each element.
Full score for completion (2), no part marks for attempts.
1. OVER THE BODY- ie. over leg, arm, back, chest, but dog does not touch handler (compared to a vault)
2. UNDER THE BODY- dog passes under your body, followed by a catch (not a take)
3. VAULT- dog uses handler’s body to complete a catch (*note: unsafe vaults will be faulted)
4. MULTIPLES- rapid, consecutive catches (minimum 3) without an obvious delay between catches
5. LONG THROW- 15 yards minimum
6. CROSSOVER- 2 successful catches where the dog passes close to the handler at least twice in a straight line
7. DISC TRICK- ie. Flips, spin, back-up, weave walking, etc…

B. Catch/Throw Ratio (10 points total)
# catches / # throws x 10

C. (part 1) Field Coverage (5 points total)
Approximately 20x30 yard field size.
Field is divided into 4 quadrants.
1.25 points are given when the handler enters that area of the field (visual estimate is made, field is not actually marked).

C. (part 2) Throw Diversity (10 points total)
1 point allotted for each type of throw COMPLETED (½ point for an attempt, ½ point for completion) for a maximum of 10 points. If the same throw is completed more than once, credit is only given for the 1st completion.

D. Canine & Handler Elements (10 points total, 2.5 points per section)
1. Drive and athleticism of the dog- Is the dog having fun and eager to play and is it in shape?
2. Disc management- Do we notice the handler gathering discs with an obvious break in the routine?
3. Choreography- Does the music match the dog and/or handler? Does the routine/sequences flow nicely?
4. Team Dynamics- Measure the bond between the handler and dog. Do they match well as a pair?

E. “WOW” Score (5 points total)
Measures the creativity and difficulty of the routine.
Audience reaction is taken into account.
All 4 judges will score this element, and the average of the 4 scores will be used.

4 JUDGES ARE REQUIRED TO SCORE THIS CLASS. 1 judge is assigned to either section A, B, C, or D. All judges mark section E, and the average of the 4 scores will be used for the “WOW” score. One of the judges will also be the time-keeper unless someone else is available. If possible, the same 4 people will judge the entire class, however an exception may be made if there is a lack of people to act as judges (competitors may end up acting as judges as well). The trial host will decide who is going to judge.

The class is scored out of a possible 50 points total.

4/20 Freestyle Class Rules (1 round)

Rules are simple:  You have 4 discs and 20 seconds to showcase your best freestyle moves!  The ONLY catch (no pun intended) is that you CANNOT pick up a disc from the ground.  You can take a disc from your dog's mouth, but you cannot touch a disc lying on the ground.  If you grab a disc off the ground, you will be deducted 10 points for EVERY disc you pick up off the ground.  Time starts when the timer calls out "READY, SET, GO".  At 20 seconds, "TIME" is called.

Appropriate music will be provided by the trial host.

This round will be scored by 2-3 judges (plus a timer) and factors considered are flow, technical difficulty, creativity/ingenuity, catch/throw ratio and wow factor (10 points each).

This class is scored out of a possible 50 points total.